Geraldton Open Tournament  11th & 12th May entries close 6th May
Phone 99212143 or email badmintogtn@westnet.com.au for information
Drawn Junior Tournament 24th to 26th May entries close 17th May




Names in by 20th February

A grade commences Tuesday 5th March

Ares commences Wednesday 6th March


Under 12 badminton to commence Friday 8th February

Over 12 badminton to commence Monday 18th March


Country Athletes Scholarship from Department of Sport and Reacreation

 awarded to Teigan Lawrence. Teigan is a very worthy winner and has been nominated for the U/19


Winners of Geraldton Junior Championships 2012


  Event   Pos. Name Club        
  Under 17 Boys Singles                
      1 Henry Perham          
      2 Sam Turner          
      C-1 Donnacha Murray          
  Under 17 Girls Singles                
      1 Allysa Agulto          
      2 Georgia Dawson          
      C-1 Phoebe Vlahov          
  Under 17 Girls Doubles                
      1 Allysa Agulto+Angel Agulto          
      2 Georgia Dawson+Phoebe Vlahov          
  Under 17 Boys Doubles                
      1 Henry Perham+Sam Turner          
      2 Josh Bumbak+Ben Starling          
  Under 17 Mixed Doubles                
      1 Donnacha Murray+Maggie Cripps          
      2 Henry Perham+Phoebe Vlahov          
      C-1 Sam Turner+Rachael Walker          
  Under 15 Girls Singles                
      1 Angel Agulto          
      2 Amy Attwater          
      C-1 Samantha Lynn          
  Under 15 Boys Singles                
      1 Ben Starling          
      2 Solley Bumbak          
      C-1 Brayden Walters          
  Under 15 Boys Doubles                
      1 Ben Starling+Abdul Wahhab          
      2 Solley Bumbak+Lewis Johnson          
      C-1 Liam Brockwell+Angus Dufour          
  Under 15 Mixed Doubles                
      1 Solley Bumbak+Angel Agulto          
      2 Liam Brockwell+Amy Attwater          
      C-1 Thomas Dawson+Shanaye O'Brien          
  Under 15 Girls Doubles                
      1 Angel Agulto+Amy Attwater          
      2 Jorja Hunter+Shanaye O'Brien          
  Under 13 Girls Singles                
      1 Chloe Spence          
      2 Erin Els          
  Under 13 Boys Singles                
      1 Abdul Wahhab          
      2 Connor Clarke          
      C-1 Tom Denton          
  Under 13 replacemnet Mixed Doubles                
      1 Reilly Murfit+Zebastian Turner          
      2 Connor Clarke+Ben Norris          
      C-1 Andrew Carroll+Mason Johnson          
  Under 13 Boys Doubles                
      1 Reilly Murfit+Abdul Wahhab          
      2 Kyle Jenkin+Mason Johnson          
      C-1 John Wyndham+Paul Wyndham          
  Under 11 Gilrs Singles                
      1 Chloe Spence          
      2 Daniella Farone          
  Under 11 Boys Singles                
      1 Danial Khong          
      2 Noah Nugent          
      C-1 James Greenlees          
  Under 11 Girls Doubles                
      1 Lily Klein+Chloe Spence          
      2 Tara Bennett+Daniella Farone          
  Under 11 Boys Doubles                
      1 Danial Khong+Noah Nugent          
      2 Tristan Batty+Ethan Doust Cramer          
      C-1 Ryan Balfour+Jai Rock          
  Under 11 Mixed Doubles                
      1 Danial Khong+Chloe Spence          
      2 Tristan Batty+Daniella Farone          
      1 James Greenlees          
      2 Jhai Lockwood          
      C-1 Jai Rock          



Multi User Sporting Facility News


After the announcement by the council of the new multi user facility which is not particularly beneficial to the Geraldton Badminton Assoc a group of very dedicated people have started the challenge of defending the rights of our association. They put a case forward to the council which has been taken into consideration before the council voted at last weeks meeting with the results as follows.
That Council by Simple Majority pursuant to s.3.18 of the Local 
Government Act (as amended) RESOLVES to:
1. ADOPT as a Draft the Council Policy CP-048  - Sporting Futures 
Policy, including the attached Sporting Futures Report, for the 
purposes of seeking final community comment;
2. ADOPT as a Draft the Council Policy CP-049  - Sporting Group 
Leases Policy for the purposes of seeking final community 
3. ENDORSES as a Draft the Council Policy CP-50  - Ground 
Management Policy 2011 for the purposes of seeking final 
community comment;
4. DETERMINE that community consultation shall include:-
a. Advertising and public notice for a period of no less than 90
b. Holding a community information session; 
c. Providing a public notice in a locally distributed paper 
describing the key features of the Policies; and
d. All the groups that are in the report. Hold meetings with every 
organization in the report, in order to come back with a joint 
recommendation agreed to by both, further option is to 
provide recommendations as Club, Combined and City of 
Greater Geraldton if agreement can’t be met.
5. REFER the matter back to Council following the public comment 
period for final determination.
6. CONSIDER the incorporation of the existing six court badminton 
facility into the multi-use stadium plans submitted but subject to 
no major overall increase in costs.



Winners Geraldton Open Championships 2012


                                              Event Pos.                                                                       Name            Club
            Open womens singles
                                              1          Phing Teo                                                             
                                              2          Teigan Lawrence                                                  
            C Grade womens singles
                                              1          Pheobe Vlahov                                                    
                                              2          Mae Thompson                                                    
            B Grade womens singles
                                              1          Allysa Agulto                                                       
                                              2          Vivienne Smith                                                     
            Open mens singles
                                              1          Nick Kidd                                                             
                                              2          Eddie Hung                                                          
            C Grade mens singles
                                              1          Mathiew Huber                                                    
                                              2          Andrew Newman                                                  
            B Grade mens singles
                                              1          Julien Bradford                                                    
                                              2          Mathiew Huber                                                    
            A Res mens singles
                                              1          Henry Perham                                                      
                                              2          Benjamin Chai                                                      
            Open womens doubles
                                              1          Jillian Chai+Phing Teo                                        
                                              2          Teigan Lawrence+Ragen Turner                         
            C Grade womens doubles
                                              1          Mona Ng+Julia Pui                                              
                                              2          Georgia Dawson+Pheobe Vlahov                     
            B Grade womens doubles
                                              1          Emily Ng+Tiffany Wan                                        
                                              2          Yolande Calitz+Joop Kapovich                          
            A Res womens doubles
                                              1          Jennie Ko+Tiffany Mah                                       
                                              2          Jillian Chai+Emily Ng                                          
            Open mens doubles
                                              1          Nick Kidd+Henry Perham                                   
                                              2          Davyn Wong+Alvin Woo                                    
            C Grade mens doubles
                                              1          Hai Yen Kelvin Khoo+See Ken Lim                     
                                              2          Bernard Hoe+Oliver Hung                                  
            B Grade mens doubles
                                              1          See Ken Lim+Gavin Tay                                      
                                              2          Dixon Tan+Nick Tan                                            
            A res mens doubles
                                              1          Nick Tan+Davyn Wong                                       
                                              2          Gavin Tay+Zhen                                                  
            Open mixed doubles
                                              1          Nick Kidd+Phing Teo                                          
                                              2          Eddie Hung+Teigan Lawrence                           
            C Grade mixed doubles
                                              1          Chris Wong+Tiffany Wan                                   
                                              2          Mathiew Huber+Sue Britt                                   
            B Grade mixed doubles
                                              1          Davyn Wong+Tiffany Mah                                  
                                              2          Gavin Tay+Tiffany Wan                                      
            A Res mixed doubles
                                              1          Alvin Woo+Tiffany Mah                                      
                                              2          Benjamin Chai+Jillian Chai



 Geraldton Open Championships
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August
Venue: Geraldton Badminton Centre
Eigth  Street Wonthella
Closing date for entries 28th July
any enquiries please phone 99212143

 Night Pennants Competition

Starts 6th & 7th March, entries to be in by 22nd Feb.

ph Phyllis on 99214552 or 0427508422.



Day Ladies Pennants

 Starts Monday 6th February

contact Meryle Poletti 99211052 of Lisa on 99218574





Junior Badminton Club Championships 2011

Geraldton Junior Badminton held its Iluka Club Championships tournament over the weekend 19th, 20th & 21st August. The weekend was well supported with over 60 children participating and 355   games & 12,000 points played, With many matches going to three sets.
Results as follows:
U11 Champion Boys & Girls Singles Jayden Corker & Chloe Spence
U13 Champion Boys & Girls Singles Solley Bumbak & Shanaye O’Brien.
U15 Champion Boys & Girls Singles Steve Nelson & Chloe White,
U17 Champion Boys & Girls Singles Donnacha Murray & Teigen Lawrence.
Players winning the Grand Slam for their respective age group were Jayden Corker, Chloe Spence & Steve Nelson
See attached for full list of results.
Any children between 7 and 12 wanting to learn badminton can come on Tuesdays 3.30pm to 5pm for beginners only. Fridays 3.30 to 5pm 12 year olds and under. Mondays for over 12 year olds. $5 per child per session. Any queries call the badminton centre on 99212143. 

         Winners    2011 S & K Electrical Senior Club Championships

4 events still to be completed

Open  Ladies Singles

1          Leisha Cooper                                                    
2          Michelle Mc Donald                                             
C-1       Tegan Lawrence 

Open Mens Singles 

1          Jy Prosser    
2          Ryan Doust

Open Mixed Doubles

1          Ashley Cooper+Leisha Cooper                         
2         Matthew Glynn+Michelle Mc Donald                 
C-1       Jy Prosser+Tegan Lawrence     

Open Mens Doubles

1          Sam Minissale+Jy Prosser      
2          Matthew Glynn+Bailey Minissale     

A Grade -   Div 2 Mixed Doubles

 1          Philip Brindley+Alanna Ronan                            
 2          Miles De Martini+Carol Brindley            

Open Ladies Doubles

1          Gail Clarkson+Michelle Mc Donald                    
2          Tegan Lawrence+Mari Clair Mc Lean                 
C-1       Yolande Calitz+Leisha Cooper            

A Res Div 1   Ladies Doubles

1          Grainne Murray+Mae Thomspon                       
2          Lorena Bennett+Sue Britt                          

A Grade - Div 2 Ladies Doubles

1          Carol Brindley+Alanna Ronan                            
2          Vicki Cauldfield+Meryle Poletti                                

 A Res - Div 2 Mens Doubles

1          Chandy+David Stewart                                       
2          Mark Bennett+Andrew Newman                      

A   Grade - Div 2 Mens Doubles

1          Miles De Martini+Jay Nicholson                        
2          Philip Brindley+Jamie Mc Donald              

A Res     Ladies Singles

1          Lorena Bennett                                                    
2          Sue Britt                                                                                                                       

A Res   Div 1   Mens Singles

1          Gavin Villier                                                         
2          William Robertson                                         

A   Grade - Div 2 Mens SIngles

1          Jay Nicholson                                                      
2          Donnacha Murray